What Clothes Look Best for Your Body Type?

essential man's wardrobeDress for your Body Type…

Every man has a sizable, yet unique and manageable body. Learning to live with your body, being able to identify and maximize your best physical qualities, discovering what works for you and why it works is essential to looking and feeling great…and having the essential man’s wardrobe.

Dressing for your body type is crucial for men of style. Simply put, the best dressers understand the importance of dressing for their body type. I believe this is an essential skill for men of all sizes and is key for building your wardrobe.

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and for every man there are fabrics and styles that best compliment his individual body type. The true test in determining what to buy and wear is always clothing’s fit. Just because something has a big price tag doesn’t mean that it fits you or your shape. Don’t just buy things that you know are trendy and fashionable without analyzing whether or not it works for you.

Always select clothes that suit your particular body type i.e. Tall, Thin, Short or Bulky. If you are a bulky man stay away from horizontal stripes, avoid double vented jackets, wear suits with peak lapels and always buy clothing that fits – tight clothing will accent your imperfections. If you are tall or thin man, avoid vertical stripes – choose horizontal to bulk you up, avoid monochromatic outfits -making you appear thinner, always wear fitted shirts and square-toed shaped shoes give more balance to your shape. And if you are a short man, accessories are key to keeping people’s eye on you and not your size – such as a fedora, avoid busy prints and cuffed trousers, wear low rise pants, and wear neckties which are slimmer.

Knowing how to dress for your body type as well as which styles to avoid is the key to enhancing your personal style. Start selecting the correct clothes today for your body type and camouflage your body flaws with proper fitting clothing. For additional tips, contact me directly and starting looking and feeling like a stud!

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