Clothing Care – Maintaining your wardrobe

clothing careMaintenance if not a very sexy topic, but restocking your wardrobe frequently is expensive and avoidable if you actually take the time to care for your pieces correctly. It’s no secret that the economy is still hurting, and it is taking a toll on all of our clothing budgets. What it shouldn’t take a toll on is how you “care” for your garments. Be smart and save your extra funds to add new sharp looking seasonal pieces to your wardrobe instead!

So here are a few basic clothing care tips:

  • Rotate all of the pieces in your wardrobe on a regular basis. Give your clothes time to breathe. By doing so it will prevent odors from becoming absorbed and creases from taking shape.
  • Suits should rest at least one day before being worn again.
  • A little trick for a quick, easy steam of your suit is hanging it outside your shower. This will save you trips to the dry cleaners.
  • You should always hang up or fold your clothing every time you take them off. If you leave clothing lying around it will create unwanted creases.
  • Brush your clothing – dust can deteriorate your garments.
  • “Always” read the clothing care tags. Never wash anything at a higher temperature than stated on the label.
  • Dry clean clothes in moderation. The high temperatures and chemicals used directly damage clothing and slowly over time decreases it lifespan.
  • It’s always best to launder your shirts at home and then take them to the dry cleaners for pressing.  Dry cleaners will wear your shirts out fast, particularly under the arms since the deodorant are be not being removed during the dry clean process.
  • Wash your clothing – use a liquid detergent to prevent deposits on your clothes.  In order to help elevate fading, turn your clothes inside out before washing. And hand-wash any delicates to avoid damage.
  • Before ironing, make sure your garments are in tiptop shape. If there is stain on your “dirty” shirt, you could permanently set it into the clothing.
  • Always blot, don’t rub stains. Rubbing damages the clothing’s fibers, will remove die color ad can even spread the stain making it worse. Club soda is a quick fix for almost any stain.

Well-dressed, intelligent men know that a good deal on clothing doesn’t end at the store. If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, ensure your pieces last a long time by properly caring for them with some of my tips.

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