How Do I Build The Essential Man’s Wardrobe?

essential man's wardrobe_Essential man’s wardrobe…

When it comes to building a functional wardrobe, the first thing every man should do is assess their lifestyle. No matter what the particular situation, whether it is casual or professional, there are pieces every man should have in his wardrobe in order to look sharp and well dressed. With these basic elements in place, most men can be ready to respond to whatever situation presents itself and feel totally prepared.

Many clients ask me what they need and usually the answer is they don’t need anything, however they generally do not have the correct clothing items for their lifestyle needs; most having a cluttered closet full of ill-fitting, possibly outdated duds and stacks of shoes which are not fit to wear.  So the key is creating a portfolio of appropriate, quality items which fit their way of life.

I believe there are ten closet essentials which are the backbone of a stylish man’s wardrobe. They can be worn almost year round and don’t follow any particular fashion trends. Most likely you already have most if not all these wardrobe basics, but regardless of your age, income, profession or personal style, your closet should always contain these classic pieces:

  • essential man's wardrobe-Overcoat
  • Grey Trousers/Khaki Pants
  • A pair of Dark Denim
  • White button-down dress shirt.
  • Quality leather Black shoes & matching belt.
  • A classic well-fitting Suit in a dark navy, black or gray.
  • V-neck sweater
  • A solid-colored tie.
  • Sports coat
  • Classic Polo Shirt/T-shirt

In regards to the essentials, always purchase the highest quality possible. Quality pieces will have the best fit and believe it or not, value. Think of your wardrobe as an important investment that you cannot afford to pass on. It’s always better to be the best-dressed man in the room. The essential wardrobe, worn proudly, establishes the fact that you are a man of style, purpose, and power.

Life is demanding for men these days – having extremely busy schedules, juggling work, relationships, and a social life all in a day which is never long enough. It definitely helps having an image consultant, saving you valuable time, who would take you step by step through a process of discovering your personal style and dressing you according to it. However, not everyone is emotionally or financially ready for this kind of experience; therefore my last piece of advice is to start simple and expand according to your lifestyle and body type. More on Men’s style advice

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