Men’s Lifestyle –How to “be” in today’s world.


Every man should know how to conduct himself in any setting, whether it be social, work, or at home. Being a gentleman today is not about dos and don’ts, but about common sense, courtesy and respect of others.  Knowing the basics of good manners will take you far.

Work Place – be professional.

Being well-mannered in a work setting means being approachable, open to constructive criticism, speaking expressively with tact, and particularly be positive and encouraging to others. Some fundamental good manners will go a long way in helping you during your rise to the top.

Chivalry – be a man.

Chivalry is free and it gets the girl. A woman still appreciates a man who takes the time to hold a door open for them. Remember to be presentable and well-groomed when taking a woman on a date.  Knowing what to wear and when to wear it is important if you want to save your reputation.

Whenever dining out, be sure to allow your female companion to be seated first. For those of you who dare to be really chivalrous — it is common practice to stand when a woman gets up to leave the table.

In conversation, simply be yourself and be involved – ask about your date and follow up on their responses. Women detest men who brag or have huge egos and will quickly become bored when it becomes clear you are not particularly interested in them, or if you are interested, it is just not in their “personality”.

Respect – be considerate.

Etiquette and mannerisms are simply learned behaviors and you will have the greatest successes in life by thinking positively and being proactive – rather than thinking negatively and being reactive. A chivalrous gentleman should always think about how his tone and his attitude might be taken, and whether or not it reflects his intentions.  By implementing a courteous, respectful attitude and speaking thoughtfully – you will achieve a greater degree of respect from your family, friends, co-workers, partners as well as lovers.

So if you following these basic guidelines, rest assured people will perceive you as a man of good breeding, class and taste, and one they wish to socialize and conduct business with today. Not to mention the fact that the women are always elated to meet a “real” gentleman.

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