Red Carpet Ready! Melissa Rivers Sam Saboura Lisa Ann

I joined fashion guru, Melissa Rivers and Hollywood stylist, Sam Saboura as they revealed their favorite red carpet faux pas, while offering valuable solutions to putting your best outfit forward at Dillards. Partnering with Fashion Forms, Rivers and Saboura created a Red Carpet Ready kit that contains essentially everything a woman needs to make virtually any outfit picture perfect! This fabulous kit is a must-have for any occasion. Packaged in a fashionable clutch, the kit includes strap tamers to stop falling bra straps, reusable adhesive bra for coverage sans straps, gel petal for a smooth look without a bra, double-stick tape, mini sewing kit, teeth whitener, and spot remover. Get your own personal stylist in a purse for only $39 exclusively at Dillards.


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